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  1. Hey ChassyCat,
    Gail from Just watched your episode about sending videos. One Click sounds like a great service…that i’ll check out. But we also have a cool way you can get everyone to get their videos to you with mDialog. Just make your Channel on mDialog a ‘Contribute’ channel. It’s our version of ‘video dialoging’. That way, anyone can upload videos to your channel…you take a look at them…and approve them. And then everyone can see all the videos that you’re receiving. Of course, if there is that someone who decides to send something a bit racy, you can also reject it from appearing. And if you want to embed the channel in your own blog or website, you can still make it a ‘Contribute’ channel. Give it a try!

    You can get me at I’d love to explain it to you.

    May 23, 2008
  2. cat #

    Thanks, Gail! I created a TechnoGeekery with Chassy Cat Channel at mdialog and have the video player in my latest post at my blog, Desperate Working Momma. I’ve actually been playing with mdialog lately, as my friend C.C. Chapman mentioned it a while back and I was intrigued…

    May 26, 2008
  3. Catherine #

    Daria, you are Hilarious!
    Love the Starbucks Mommy- can we have more? MUCH more of other ‘types’ of Mommies? Envision an entire series….
    7-11 Mommy, Walmart Mommy, Macy’s Mommy,Rodeo Drive Mommy….you get the gist…

    May 28, 2008

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