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TechnoGeekery Show #38: Right Clicking the Mighty Mouse

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I know, right? The Mighty Mouse? With the crazy no-right-clickiness?

Or so you THOUGHT!

That’s right. Chassy Cat (who has now taken to referring to herself in the third person, which is way cool) will show you how to make your Apple/Mac computer’s Mighty Mouse do the right-clicky thing, just like your old mouse on your PC that you may have kicked to the curb without even a backward glance, and now you are really missing that good old right-click functionality. Aaah… the good old days.

Sure, you may have realized that by holding down [control] while regular clicking, you get the same results as right-clicking, but it is just NOT. THE. SAME. Don’t worry. I know. I KNOW.

So, watch carefully, and recapture the right-clicky glory days.

You’re welcome.

Music in this podcast provided by the Podsafe Music Network, with Remember by Black Lab.

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