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TechnoGeekery Show #39: iPhone Self Portraits… Everybody’s Doing It

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Okay, TechnoGeeks, I confess… I have identified what could potentially be a Fatal Flaw in the Apple iPhone: Taking a self-portrait is HARD, yo?

I mean, no mirror for framing purposes?! What the…?! And that is not even to mention the fact that it is super hard to figure out where to press to actually SNAP the shot when your iPhone is turned AWAY from you.

But not to worry! Chassy Cat is on the case!

Now, there’s nothing I can do about the self-portrait mirror thing (Apple, are you listening?!) except to suggest you try pointing the camera lens in your general direction and telling everyone that you MEANT for the picture to be all slanty like that, thank you very much (“Hello? It’s avant-garde! DUH!”), but I DO have a solution that will make snapping the pix a breeze!

Watch and learn, Grasshopper(s). Watch and learn.

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