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TechnoGeekery Show #44: Domain Names… What’s the Point? (REWIND)

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TechnoGeek Robin asked:

I just bought my first domain name “” from GoDaddy. Where the heck do I start? I just want to put my logo on and a little somethin somethin about myself with my own design. I use Mac. What program, or where o where do I start? Help me Chassy, Help me!

Well, Robin… OKAY!!!

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  1. Cat,
    When I was putting Ellie (6) to bed tonight she said, “Mom, can we watch your friend sing about Dr. Horribe before I go to bed?” So I said sure and we watched. When it was finished she said, “I need to watch that one more time.” We did and then I asked her if we should send you a message and she said, “yes, because she is awesome and weird at the same time.” I thought you’d like that. Now she wants me to tell you: When I watch your videos they make me laugh because they are so funny.
    Love, Ellie and Shelley

    May 29, 2009

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