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About is a video podcast (vidcast) full of helpful techno tips and tutorials for people who want to do wicked cool things with technology, but are too impatient to weed through the jargon, completely unmotivated to look up the big words, and too lazy to take a class. Because we’re busy, that’s why!

Chassy Cat presents vidcasts featuring basic ways to get the most use from technology without all the boring jargon. Whether it’s using RSS feeds, uploading digital photos to the internet, or pimping out your blog, Chassy Cat has got you covered.

And if she doesn’t? All you have to do is ask.

Besides being free, downloadable, and portable, also supplies subscribers with links to other helpful resources, and exposes viewers to some of the very best podsafe music artists out there. And of course, there’s Chassy Cat. You never know what that gal is going to do next. She’s cheeky. She’s sassy. She’s Chassy.

Never underestimate the Chassy.

Feel free to contact Chassy Cat with any burning techno questions or leave comments at the site.