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TechnoGeekery #37: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog

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Dr. Horrible. Very cool. Captain Hammer? Corporate tool.

Okay, so I’ll just let this one speak for itself. (I’ve also posted the SONG portion of this vidcast at YouTube… just for kicks. Feel free to click on over!)

Music in this podcast provided by… well, Chassy Cat. Um, check her out.

And don’t forget to visit the Mommycast and Friends Family Channel for more family-friendly podcasting!

Cat, OUT.

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Technogeekery Show #7: Breaking Up With Blogger

They say that breaking up is hard to do.
Chassy Cat says... whatever.

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Technogeekery Show #6: Trump Teens at Technology

A very special thank you goes out to Paige of, who agreed to be my very own special guest star slash expert person.

Music in this podcast provided by the Podsafe Music Network, with Remember and Mine Again by Black Lab, and Strange Day in Mexico by The Clintons.

This episode answers a question asked by G:

Hi Cat:
Can you suggest ways that parents can trump their kids at the technology thing? How can we keep on top of what they are doing? How do we maintain some control? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Love your show!

Sure thing, G! And mad props on the alliteration!

For more information about trumping your teens at technology, visit:
Teens Health: Safe Surfing Tips for Teens
Parental Controls and Online Child Protection (A Survey of Tools and Methods–link to PDF file)

And for an IM Chat to English translator, try:

A Guide to Understanding Online Chat Acronyms and Smiley Faces

Remember, G… you are the parent. If teens do not listen or follow the safety rules you put into place, unplug the computer! You can do it. You’re supposed to do it. And your child hoofing it to the library? Super good workout! Which… BONUS.

(checklist coming soon)

Technogeekery Show #5: Pimp My Blog, Pt. I

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Blog Themes
Sidebar Widgets
Post Tags and Categories
Privacy Options
Other Features
Getting Started
The Basics
Working With Blogger

Interesting Read:
How Not to Get Fired Because of Your Blog

Technogeekery Show #3: Gravatars. It’s All About Image.

**Music in this podcast provided by Podsafe Music Network.

If you liked Booty Voodoo, visit Lee Coulter’s official website and find out how you can hear more of his awesome music!

Theme music for is Remember by Black Lab. Visit Black Lab’s official site for more music.**

In our day-to-day lives we can judge others by what they look like, what clothes they wear, how they talk, oh, all sorts of ways. But blogs and boards are so… anonymous. It’s not as if we can actually see each other, right? So how the heck are we supposed to judge each other?!

Fortunately, that’s where gravatars come in. With gravatars, we can create custom images that represent us. A personal logo, if you will. Gravatars identify us and say something about our personality. Which… ah-ha! Okay, what I meant to say was… ah-ha! Now we have something to work with!

Think about it. What can we infer about a person who creates a gravatar image featuring a fluffy white kitten perched atop a pink pillow? Um, cutesy, much? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Conversely, what can we assume about a person whose gravatar features an image of Jude and Tommy during that scene on Instant Star when they were totally making out in the rain? Aaaw! Hopeless romantic, that’s what! Eh? Eh?

Take a gander at some random gravatars:

random gravatars

So if you frequently find yourself commenting on blog posts throughout the blogosphere, I strongly suggest you create a gravatar. You know… so people can judge you? Then your gravatar should appear whenever you post a comment to a gravatar-enabled blog—like, for instance. Hey, it’s easy and it’s free, that’s all I’m saying. Do what you want. I don’t even care. Much.

So… do you have a gravatar now? Well, what are you waiting for? Show off the darn thing by commenting on this vidcast, for heaven’s Pete sake. Do it, do it, do it!

Do it.

**Gravatars will work on any site that is gravatar-enabled, but it may take a few days for the gravatar to show up anywhere. However, if you’ve commented, the question mark (or default gravatar) will be replaced with your brand-spankin’-new gravatar. It will! Check back! You’ll see!

It has something to do with approval of your gravatar rating. I guess ol’ Tom doesn’t trust you people not to be gross, which… RUDE.**

Technogeekery Show #2: RSS Feeds… What Are They Good For?

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Subscribe to RSS feed via Bloglines:

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bloglines feed

Subscribe to RSS feed via Google Reader:

Google A

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Subscribe to RSS feed via Live Bookmarks:

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Subscribe to RSS feed via email:

email feed

Technogeekery Show #1: Blog Basics and Beginnings

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Should I, or shouldn’t I start a blog?

Undecided? Check out Top 9 Reasons to Start a Blog at

If blogging is a go, then keep on reading! If not, off you go then…

1. Pick a HOST.
Find a decent blogging provider which appeals to you.

Chassy Cat’s Favorite FREE Blog Hosts: *can be used with Google account *not to be confused with, which offers the blog platform for free but requires the purchase of a host service and a registered domain name.
These sites offer pre-made blog templates and push-button publishing and don’t require much Technogeekery at ALL.

(For a more in-depth look at blogging platforms, visit Choosing a Blog Platform)

2. Make Your Blog PRETTY.
When you sign up at Blogger or WordPress, pick a ready-made blog template from the gallery and get started personalizing it: add photographs, list the books you are reading, music you enjoy, your like/dislikes, whatev. It’s all about you, baby. However… be smart! Don’t give out too much personal information. No one wants a blog stalker. No, seriously.

3. To Be, Or Not to Be… PUBLIC.
Decide whether or not you want your blog to be private or personal. Do you want freaky-deaky Joe Public reading your blog and viewing your pictures, or do you only want your friends and family to be able to read it? Both Blogger and WordPress offer privacy options, so you are good to go either way. Unless, of course, you are planning on lambasting said friends and family in your blog, in which case you are screwed.

4. TESTING, TESTING… 1,2,3….
After you’ve set up your blog, write a few posts to test it out. Remember, spell check is your friend. Then, refresh your blog every two minutes to see if anyone has commented on your post. Not that I do that.

Visit other blogs! Comment! Leave your blog address! It’s your virtual calling card… which, how very 18th century aristocratic of you, right?!

If you are feeling super daring, you may want register your own domain name and point it at your blog (more on “pointing” in a later podcast! hey! that’s what we in the biz call a TEASER! note it!). Register a catchy yet philosophically deep name for your new blog—such as “” or “” or “” or “” or “”—and ring up everyone you know to tell them the URL. Remind your less Technogeekery savvy friends and family that “diaryofaslacker” in your blog’s address is spelled “all one word.”

OR, you could jump into the 21st century and EMAIL your blog link to everyone. Yep. That’s always an option.