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TechnoGeekery FREEBIE: Horrible Evil Sidekick .MP3

Horrible Evil Sidekick

Well CHECK IT OUT! I’m FAMOUS! SIX people have VOTED for me! SIX! As of RIGHT now! And only ONE of those was ME! FOOYAH!

Dude, I’m saying. ROCKS, yo? Solid.

So, yeah… feel free to click over and vote for Super Evil Chassy’s quite compelling argument for a spot in the Evil League of Evil as Dr. Horrible’s Sidekick. Joss Whedon, I mean Dr. Horrible, MUST pick me! MEEEE!

The Horrible Evil Sidekick gig will be mine. Oh, yes. It WILL be mine.

Now excuse me. I need to go call everyone I know.

SIX. Woo!
I’ve loaded the .MP3 version of Super Evil Chassy’s “Horrible Evil Sidekick” song to iTunes for you. Because TechnoGeeks REQUESTED it, okay?! I’m just saying!

Also, if you are interested in downloading the song as an iPhone ringtone, CLICK HERE.

Finally, also at many TechnoGeeks’ request, I reposted at YouTube ONLY the song portion (”Horrible Evil Sidekick”) of my last TechnoGeekery episode. Please click over and leave lots o’ love. Because that would be awesome of you.

Chassy Cat, out.